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June 30, 2011
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(Contains: sexual themes and strong language)
{NOTICE:Please read the discribion after reading this for options for the next story}

Outside the tower Cloudia walking her way to sector 7 slums as she walked putting on makeup Scarlet gave her. She applied red lip stick on, blemish, eyeliner, and mascara on to her face making more feminine and appealing for her mission to the Don's. She could see men looking at her appearance as she strutted along through wall market. She walked outside the Don's hideout were she could see two of his goons outside it as she approached them.

"Hold it, why are you here?" one them asked as the other hung back guarding the entrance.

"I'm informed the Don is looking a bride, and I'm looking for a husband to own me. So go into your Boss and give him this message" Cloudia said approaching the man as she grabbed his crotch and kissed his sticking her tongue in his mouth for a few seconds before breaking away. The goon was red in the face while the other one was jealous it wasn't him.

"(cough cough) very well come in, but you'll have to give him the message yourself" The goon said hiding his face as they walked in.

"What If I repeat that message for you?" Cloudia coaxed as she waited in the main hall while the goon went upstairs to the Don.

"Boss, there's a woman here to see you wanting to be your bride. And I really suggest you see this woman" the goon said smirking.

"Are you sure it's not a man this time?" the Don asked from behind his desk.

"Oh I'm pretty sure of it" he replied.

"Well then don't keep the lady waiting you fools, bring her in" Don said anxiously.
Cloudia walked in to the office as the Don jumped from his seat with excitement over the sight of her.

"Whoa, well.... ehm your....god....I ehm" Don the said lost for words.

"I'm guessing my appearance pleases you Don Corneo" Cloudia giving an air head smile to him.

"About everything does. Why the hell are you dogs staring at her have you no manners? I'm sorry why don't we go back into my room where it's more private" Don said as he and Cloudia walked in. "So my dear, what shall I call you?" The Don asked as he went to get a drink.

"My name is Michaela, but you call whatever you would prefer" Cloudia told keeping her identity secret.

"And what bring you here Michaela, business or fun?" The Don asked handing her a drink.

"I've heard you are looking for a bride, I came here to see if I would be qualified to be the woman in your life".

"Ohhhhh I'm sure you'll be more then qualified, but of course there are tasks that a wife must perform that no one else can perform that I must make sure you can perform, if you get what I mean of course" Don said grinning laughing nervously.

"Of course, I understand and have come prepared for such a task" Cloudia said as she took off her coat revealing her leather outfit to him. The Don couldn't belief as he couldn't belief his luck, she was perfect for him. Cloudia knew for her mission she must seduce the Don and sedate him while she destroyed all evidence of Shinra's involvement with the pillar destruction.

"Oh my, you have come prepared my dear" Don said unable to control himself.

"How can I be of service, master Corneo?" Cloudia asked him as she came close to him.

"You're calling me your master?".

"Well I do belong to you now, so which way will I perform my Wifely duties?" She said backing him over to the bed.

"My dear you are eager, you seem to be quite experienced. How about I just let you have your way with me if you get what I mean?".

"I do indeed master" Cloudia said as she kissed him. She instantly dived her tongue in his mouth sucking greatly to arouse him more. She found him repulsive but she needed it for her mistress's plan. She broke away not able to take anymore and decided that now it was time for a trap. "How about I give my speciality master, why don't you lay back at the best post where I can get you more convertible?"  Cloudia told him laying him down. She knew there were guards outside the door; she would need to get rid of them so they don't find her.

"Hey boys, I don't do group joints, and I certainly don't enjoy the company of peeping toms spying on me while I'm at work, so beat it" Cloudia shouted.

"Yes Yes, piss off you fools, let the lady do her work in peace. Now I do have a collection of tools for your job my dear." Don shouted at them, eager to begin.
Cloudia walked over to the table in the room opening the draw full of handcuffs, ballgags, whips and other sexual items. What a sick pervert she thought, maybe when he's tied up she can punish him a bit, but she had to stick to her mistress's orders and not to get distracted. Cloudia leaned down on the bed with him moving his arms back to the railings were she handcuffed his arms to them with signs of him instantly enjoying this. She them covered his mouth with the Ballgag leaving him defenceless and gagged, just the way she wants him.

"So you've been looking for a fun night then honey? Well to bad for you, this is one bitch you wish you never meet and erected over" Cloudia said as she reached down into her cleavage pulled out one of the guns pointing it at him. He instantly begun to panic realising that he was trapped and unable to escape or get help. She had to work fast and destroy all evidence of Shinra being involved in the pillar bombing, best if she kept him alive now to interrogate him if nothing comes up. "Just sit back there 'master' I'll come to you soon enough". She began looking through all the draws and papers taken everything with connections of Shinra, until she came to something very interesting, it was the schematics of the main base pillar under Shinra tower along with papers revealing a hidden plan by the Don.

"Well Well, looks like you've been planning your very own Coup d'état against Shinra, My mistress will find this very interesting" Cloudia told the bounded Don as she took out her cell phone ringing Scarlet.

"Cloudia, I'm impressed. Is the mission completed already?" Scarlet asked on the line.
"Soon my mistress, I have the fat bastard contained but I have some alarming good news. I have found plans of the Don planning the destruction of Shinra, you can use this evidence and link him with avalanche, arresting him with him unable to blackmail you, and the public will blame him and want him dead" Cloudia explained.

"Excellent, I'll send a battalion of troops to come in and arrest him. Keep him alive, possibly with his pants still off for the press to catch. Your next mission is stealth, take out of the guards and sure there's none left to stop us" Scarlet told her hanging up.

"Understood mistress" she but the phone away as she took out the other gun hidden by her breasts. "Well it looks like you're lucky and get to live, for now.........".
Hey Guys, seeing how many enjoyed the first, here is the first chapter.

As for the Notice, what do you want to happen next, comment below which one you want for the last chapter.

A: Cloudia knocks Don out bringing him to Scarlet were he is turned into a woman to be a slave to Scarlet for the rest of his life.

B: Cloudia is caught and bounded. The collar is relised and Cloud comes back relising what he's become. The collar is put back on were she goes to make Scarlet a slave for her master.

C: Comment what you want instead.
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This going to be continued?
slayer40k Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2012
Yeah in the future when im free from work
Dopplegager Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I know how that is. I don't update my stuff often at all. I was just curious if there was still going to be more.
jgresidenevil Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2012  Student Writer
C: Hands Don in to Scarlet, The collar comes off and Ckoudia quickly puts it on Scarlet as another collar goes on Dona (TGed Don) and they both become sex slaves.
slayer40k Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2012
So Cloudia takes control over Scarlet and Dona?
jgresidenevil Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2012  Student Writer
slayer40k Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2012
K then
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